About buildings.

[building bulletins] is a bi-weekly publication that compares two buildings that were built in the same year – one ordinary that is often regarded as ‘building‘, and the other with historic, cultural or design values that is often seen as ‘architecture‘.

Each issue walks through different aspects of the ‘building‘ and the ‘architecture‘ to compare their cultural significance, economic value, construction quality, energy performance as well as in-use condition. Towards the end, the futures of the ‘building‘ and the ‘architecture‘ are speculated taking all previously factors into account. Actions are further called to suggest betterment of the ‘building‘ and the ‘architecture‘.

What really makes ‘architecture‘ different from ‘buildings‘?

Does such divide always lead to a fortunate ‘architecture’ that is well-built and cared for but a distressed ‘building’ that suffers from negligence and misuse?

Can architects still pride themselves to create architecture while building occupants are left with misinformation and inaction?

Through pairing and comparing, [building bulletins] seeks answers to those questions. In the meantime, calling buildings buildings would also suffice.

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